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My Daughter Will Not "Poop" on the Potty

My daughter went through a similar period when she was 2 1/2 yrs old. .... So if you are starting to see power struggles developing over potty training ..... Our daughter is 3 1/2 though...we had already moved her to panties but she got ...

Daughter Refuses to Wear Pull-up to Bed

Aug 26, 2009 ... See if she will let you put the panties on first then put on the pull up ... and the medicine made him sleep through EVERYTHING A bad spell ...

Transitioning from Pull-ups to Underwear

Aug 25, 2009 ... the child couldhold it through the night the rubber pants were worn at night ... Potty Training a Success but How to Add Panties to It ...

Potty Training

... in stride At some point shell really want to follow through and she will .... potty trained by showing her big girl panties and let her know that when ...

My Daughter Started Peeing Her Pants

Children natuarly want to be their mother, see if this simple act will solve all your problems, then stop the pull up's at .... If she wet, not a big deal we ran through the sprinkler. ... Anyways, she's back in panties all day again. ...

Potty Training

She's not ready Get her some really cool panties and put them in her ... could stay dry through the night she had regressed in her potty training when her ...

4 1/2 Year Old Won't Stop Peeing Her Pants

Sep 1, 2009 ... Her panties (and sometimes she) always reek of urine..." ... Go you like to see for yourself," at which point, she grabbed a pair of her ...... We went through almost the whole school year with potty issues at home and I ...

Potty Training #2

Oct 24, 2009 ... her panties and i kept telling her she has to poop in the potty not on dora( her panties) well finally i sat her potty ... And I am sure you will pull through this. ... Do you not want anyone to see you when you poop? ...

Potty Training

Nov 4, 2009 ... If he does not have to, then I say keep him home till he is thru this transition . .... over their pull ups as though they were wearing big girls panties. ... Now, I understand my 4 yr old isn't the norm... see our house ...

Itchy Vaginal Area

Also, they can just do a smear and see yeast under microscope easily... did ..... Sometimes it can be an allergic reatciton to a fabric in panties...some are ... Plus I think she is getting ready to go through puberty and she has some ...
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