second pregnancy showing early

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Starting to Show at 4 Weeks!

My second pregnancy I started to show really early too. I got an ultrasound at 6 weeks because I am high risk due to a blood clotting disorder. ...

Already Showing?

I started to show very early in my pregnancy as well with the second. With my first child, I wasn't wearing maternity clothes until I was around 18 weeks. ...

I CAN Feel My Baby at 13 Weeks (Second Pregnancy)

I felt my second baby around that time, too. We're more aware of what to feel the second time around, ... Showing Too Early in 2Nd Pregnancy ...

Showing Really Early

I startedshowing very early My ob was actually suprised by how big i was when i went in but said that at such an early stage in the pregnancy what you are ...

6 Wks Pregnant with #2, Could I Actually Be Showing Already?

With this 2nd pregnancy, I gained 8 kbs in the first 2 months. ... I started showing VERY early with my second, but so far, I am 6 months and am actually ...

2Nd Pregnancy

With my second pregnancy, I started to show at 14 weeks and kept growing from there. My friends also experienced the .... Showing Too Early in 2Nd Pregnancy ...

Weight Gain with Second Pregnancy Is Out of Control!

Yes, with every pregnancy you can start gaining/showing sooner than with your .... With my second pregnancy I gained weight/girth so early on that the Dr. ...

Showing This Early with 2Nd??

When did you start showing with your second? Has anyone tried the bella band (or belly band, I forgot what it's called) .... Early Second Pregnancy Concerns ...

When Do You Need Maternity Clothes for Second?!

I know with my second, I was wearing maternity clothes very early. ... I just found out that I am 5 weeks with my second pregnancy too! ... been through the process, they start to stretch faster and easier, thus we start showing sooner. ...

Popping Out at 7 Weeks Pregnant??

I gained 38 pounds with my first pregnancy and 25 pounds with my second pregnancy, .... I was hoping that I was showing soo early as it was twins, ...
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