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Booster Seat Safety

They lean forward, reach to the sides and the seats are moving around since they aren't secured in and the seat belt holding them in is no longer tight ...

Can I Put a Carseat in an RV?

In my parents, their couch has seatbelts for 3 people , they have a club chair .... In the RVs and campers I've been in, there were no seatbelts except for ...

3 Year Old Getting Out of Car Seat.

I have a graco comfort sport car seat for my 3 year old and she has ... of them so we have all the car seat belts pulled out of place by him.may check with ...

Car Seats in Mexico....I Have a Feeling This Might Be a Problem

My guess is that the transfer buses won't have seat belts - they don't have them in the USA why would they have them in Mexico? The taxis probably don't ...

What Are the Age or Weight Requirements for a Booster Seat?

After I saw that youtube video a few years ago, I spent weeks researching car seats and seat belts. It's eye opening to read that most shoulder belts are ...

20 Month Old Can Unlatch Her Car Seat

Hi D., I had this problem with two of my three kids, I also had the problem with my children unbuckling the seat belt that attaches the carseat to the seat. ...

Car Seat

Oct 1, 2009 ... The Graco Turbo booster that uses the car's seat belts has wide "wings" for the head. This Graco look just like the Britax for half the ...

WHERE To Place Car Seat?

If your middle seat belt locks than that is the safest place - - - if it does not lock than the drivers side back seat is the safest. ...

Car Seat Advice

Then when he reaches that you just take the harness out and use it with a seat belt till he is about 100 pounds (depending on the carseat). ...

Help! My 2 Year Old Can Get Out of His Car Seat While I'm Driving.

My 6 and 5 year old are in the seats that use the car seat belt, but they do stay in their seats. They use to get out, even in the 5-pt harness car seats ...
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