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Behavior Problems in a Daschund

While he isn't afraid of meeting most people, he will submissively urinate if a stranger approaches him too quickly or if we scold him. ...

Helping Husband and Step-son Resect Each Other and Have a Healthy Relationship

It could be as I've said in other requests, some people just have no love for each .... healthy relationship · Families Helping Families · scold people ...

HELP! My Yorkie Has Become Agressive Towards My Crawling Baby!

We try to scold her but I feel like all she is doing is getting into trouble. ... I can't believe how many people don't teach this to their animals. ...

Potty Training Troubles

This might gross some people out, but we got up in the morning and both sat on the ... but defiance) he was scolded and lost a privilage for half an hour. ...

Potty Training a Two and a Half Year Old

This may sound crazy to some people but take her to the restroom when you go. ... Don't fuss, scold or get frustrated, it will come and the more relaxed you ...

Is It Anxiety or Not?? (5 Year Old Boy!)

Keep in mind you can't scold the other children for not perfectly done work ... Let him know that it's okay not to be perfect and that people will love him ...

How Do I Discipline an Imaginary Friend?

Scold your daughter and then ask where the friend is and scold the friend too. ..... scold people · school discipline · discipline a three year old ...

Help with Colicky Baby

23 Sep 2009 ... The people who scold you and make you feel badly saying things like "You're doing something wrong! Babies don't cry for no reason at all! ...

New Baby Coming

I know that so many people have children closer together than this, but I am getting..." ... Don't scold about negative behavior to the dolly, it's normal. ...

How to Get Child to Stop Saying a Bad Word?

scold people · stop being so mean · bad parenting advice · film times · tv bad for kids · child game · whether to have another child · parenting an only ...
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