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Job Salary and Outlook Question on Nursing Vs. Counseling (Therapy)

The biggest problem with nursing right now is getting into nursing school. There is simply not enough professors to teach. Check into a few schools in your ...

School Reassignment

For the initial request I had the school nurse and my daughter's doctor ... I gave my suggestions and then I met with the school nurse and we went from ...

Weaning from Nursing to Sleep

Oct 7, 2009 ... Are you weaning because you want to be done nursing or because you're concerned that he's using it .... school nursing · school of nursing ...

Want to Get into the Medical Field

I have and do work with many nurses, and it is admirable what they do. Nursing school for a BSN is about 4 years. The nursing field is very hot now, ...

Need Some Help on Passing NCLEX for LPN

Jun 25, 2009 ... By graduating from that gruewling year of nursing school, you proved you can do it! But, the longer you wait to take nclex again, ...

Nursing After Breast Reduction Surgery

One of my dearest friends had a reduction when she was in high school and recently had her first baby. Nursing is going very well. ...

Going to School and Breastfeeding

I would like to know some tips for pumping at a school or work, they don't really have a place at the school I am ..... school nursing · school of nursing ...

Whats the Best Way to Wean from Nursing?

He only nurses when it's time for a nap or bedtime otherwise he's drinking other liquids. I am starting school in May so I need to..."

Tailbone Pain After Delivery

Has anyone ever experienced sterum pain while laying down and nursing? .... I broke my tailbone in grade school, and reset it years later (meaning it broke ...

12 Month Old Still Waking to Nurse During the Night

Sep 26, 2009 ... She nurses right before bedtime, I rock her to sleep and then lay her in..." ... already. and honestly I have to take the kids to school. ...
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  • nclex practice test in 2 answers "... or if LPN school has a library, you may be able to find an NCLEX practice test ..."
  • back to sleep instead of nursing in 2 answers "... to start weaning her so I got up and rocked her back to sleep instead of nursing."
  • kids to sleep through the night in 2 answers "I trained both of my kids to sleep through the night by 4-6 months old by keeping ..."
  • tail bone in 3 answers "I finally went to the chiropractor and he said my tail bone was so crooked no wonder ..."
  • sippy cup of milk in 2 answers "I would give him ( and still do now) a sippy cup of milk/juice or whatever yours takes ..."