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Saving and Storing School/art Projects

At the end of the school year the kids choose which projects they want to save ( I can choose a few as well) and the rule is that they must all fit in the ...

Moms Homeschooling Kids with Adhd

They were in resource in school which just lowered the expectations for the kids . My daughters grew up thinking that they could only do part of a job. ...

Alternatives to Public School

Oct 30, 2009 ... My kids go to Graland Country Day school. It has been such a great experience for both my kids! They love school! My daughter started in the ...

Labelling Childrens Clothes for School

More clothes get damaged by paint or scissors at school than end up missing. ... For my kids I put their name on places that are not that noticable. ...

Had an Accident at School

Read all 4 responses: "My daughter had an accident at school (kindergarten started last week) and ... I think we're all sensitive when it comes to our kids . ...

Seeking Tutor/ Help in School

I know for a fact that the district has just placed an after school tutoring sessions in many schools where the teachers can get paid to tutor their kids. ...

ADHD - Elementary School

How to work with elementary school's principal and..." ... Lots of kids like it though. Also just yesterday I was told to try vitamin b complex that is in ...

Before/After School Care for Elementary School

Depending on what state you are in, most schools will have a before and after school program for kids of working parents. Also, some daycares near a school ...

Where Do You Find After School Care???

My sister in law is having the hardest time finding after school care for her son with ... Anyway I have been using the kids there for about 10 years, ...

What Age Do You Send Your Child to School?

Sep 5, 2009 ... People who call on people who don't send their kids to school just clog up the system investigating good parents who don't necessarily ...
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