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Gift for High School Graduate Going into Nursing School

Read all 10 responses: "My niece is graduation high school and going into ... Each nursing program is different as to what they require the students to have ...

Private School or Public School...Which One Is Better?

Research shows that it is not the number of children in a classroom whether children succeed or fail; its the number of students attending the whole school ...

Best High Schools in Las Vegas? Elementary?

This school is an empowerment school. They offer classes for different levels from Special Education, IEP students, all the way to Honors students. ...

Problems on School Bus

I know they had problems here, Misawa, Japan and took care of it so that the high school students do not ride the same bus as the younger kids because of ...

HELP !!! Charter School

There is a strong connection to Greece and the students at the school even do a trip there. There are many children who attend Harmony Science that come ...

Driffrence Between a Public School and a Catholic School

I also think that today there are so many supplemental programs and options available (camps, tutoring, after-school programs, etc., etc.) for students that ...

Cookie Dough and Gift Wrap - School Fundraisers

I work hard with fundraising for our schools, but I don't care to purchase fundraising items from students knowing that the companies benefit far more than ...

$7000 For Tutoring at Sylvan to Teach My 10 Year Old How to Read???

Public schools also offer SE classes and tutoring after school. Most also offer summer school for students who need extra help. ...

Elementary School Auction-

The second, they had at the school and all the students were invited to come as well. They had pretty simple food that had to be purchased in the cafeteria ...

Pre-K School Wants to Call My Daughter Another Name!!

23 Aug 2009 ... Besides what about all of the students from other country's, ( my kids are older high school and have many friends from other country's) ...
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