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18 Year Old High School Senior - Keeping Them Motivated to Graduate!

Fast food places, grocery stores, gas stations and similar service places tend to hire high school students. Besides providing income, they often can serve ...

How Are You Motivating Your 6Th-10th Grade Students to Do Well in School?

Aug 30, 2009 ... How Are You Motivating Your 6Th-10th Grade Students to Do Well in School? ... Our youngest graduated from high school in 2009 and that was with honors, ...

Obamas Plan for Longer School Days

Sep 30, 2009 ... I've been a teacher of both middle and high school students for five years. Currently, I teach college students part time and also have experience with ...

Any Opinons on the Intercultural Montessori Language School in Oak Park, IL

My suggestion is that you visit the school a couple of times while it is in session and see the teachers and students involved in everyday activity. ...

Has Anyone Tried Emler Swim School

Hello Moms, I was just wondering if anyone has tried Emler swim School? ... The age range for our students are 6months to 6yrs old. ...

54 School District

Hi, I consider relocating to 54 school district but got very mixed messages on it. What do you think of its teachers, students and curriculum? ...

17 Year Old Who Quit School

Now, I have not had this happen to me, but I have seen it from some students and parents at school. In my opinion, I think you need to give him a little ...

Transfering to Private School in 6Th grade...can It Be Done?

They can choose who attends their school; they do not have to accept students who have disabilities or have behavior problems or who are not "smart" enough. ...

First Day of School!

I would really like to make their 1st day of school exciting and..." ... high school students · cookies chocolate chip · sugar cookie · store supplies ...

2Nd Grader Doing 3Rd Grade Work

Boys seem to mature slower the first few years of school.I tutor reading and so far in the last 4 years all but one of my students were boys. ...
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