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Creative Ways to Cut Expenses in a School District

In an effort to save money, our school board chose to eliminate our school bus route and combine it with another. This means my young children could ...

What Would You Do If This Happened to Your Child?

Honestly we aren't going to have our children ride the school bus 'cause of .... If the school or bus company doesn't do anything I would go to the news. ...

Please Help Me!

Just like most kids he is so ready to go to school. More so he can't wait to ride the school bus.That's where my problem is. I want him to ride the bus, ...

Science Websites for Curious 4-Year-old

Also the Magic School Bus on CD is really good science for the young ones. ... Check out the Magic School bus. They have both books (short and chapter) and ...

Bus Problems

As a school bus driver myself, I can understand your concerns. I don't know what town you live in but here in Shelton, we have our kindergarteners sit in ...

Lincoln Elementary - What Happens After School?

Most day care centers have a bus service and will bring your child to school and back to the center when the day is over. If they do not have any contacts, ...

Before/After School Care for Elementary School

There are some programs outside of school that is connected with the school bus system, where the kids are picked up and dropped off right in front of the ...

6 Year Old Girl Playing 'Doctor' on the School Bus

Read all 6 responses: "My stepdaughter was caught on the bus playing 'touchy feely' with a boy. A couple of weeks before she 'flashed' a boy in class.

8 Year Old That Will Not Ride the Bus

The faculty & staff at the school can help him out & make sure he gets on the right bus. After a few times he'll get it. He'll be fine, i believe in making ...

Bus Driver Gifts

I used to work with a Special Needs Child that needed someone to ride the school bus with him in the morning and evening because of his behavior on the bus. ...
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