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T.L. asks from Washington DC

Shoul I remove my child from his school. My son started the first grade barely reading. He is currently reading very well such words as probelms, solve ect...... how...



H.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is going to start school in 2011. The debate is public or private school and I'm just not sure which way to go. Does anyone have any stats on public vs ...



D.M. asks from Joplin

just curious what time do you think a 6 year old should go to bed on a school night?



A.R. asks from Omaha

how do you as a sngle parent who really has never been away from your kids get use to them going to school for the first time.


Need Book Recommendations for My Book Nerd

D.P. asks from Detroit

My 10 year old is looking for a book to read. She leans toward dystopian novels but maybe thats just because most series are. She has read, the Maze Runner series, th...


Graphic, Violent Book Being Read at School by 6-8 Graders

A.B. asks from St. Louis

Hello mamas, I need a reality check. Our son, a 7th grader, is reading a book at school called The Freedom Writers' Diaries. (Apparently it was made into a less graph...



K.V. asks from Austin

Recently three kids from my 6 year olds class have moved school. I got to know about one of them through another Mom but the other two, I didn't know anything about ...


What to Do About School?

J.C. asks from Lynchburg

Okay, first off, my son says he loves school. He says he doesn't want to miss it/stop going, etc. He has a best friend there and other little friends, and really come...



W.B. asks from Cleveland

My son always liked school, mostly recieving A & B's until junior high he started loosing interest, and to this day it's a hassle to get him to go. I've tried everyth...

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