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Book Suggestions for 4 Year Old

I would prefer a book with chapters that we could do 1 chapter each..." ... Your children will never have heard them, they won't hear them at school, ...

When Should You Stop Pre-school If Child Cries?

He needs to see pre-school as a place where he goes to have fun and see friends, .... Anyone Knows of a Good Book or Video for the Separation for Preschool? ...

Tantrums at School

A book that really worked well for us is Love and Logic. We allow consequences, either natural or imposed by us, be her "punishment". At school, she is ...

When to Have "The" Talk??

She is not developing yet, but I want her to be prepared when the girls in school start talking about it. I have the American Girl book "the care and ...

Book Recommendations for My 2.5 Yr Old...

Some good for that are Boyton's "The Going To Bed Book" and pretty much any Dr. Seuss pre-school book. If it's not a teaching book and there's no real story ...

Volunteer Appreciation

I currently run the school's book fair which happens twice a year. I have started delegating to other parents but I still spend close to 40 hours of ...

Gift for High School Graduate Going into Nursing School

I am an OB RN 3 years out of school. They all had great ideas- money for books, an adult stethescope (I use mine on brand new babies, its more practical ...

High School Graduation Gift Ideas -- Boy

You may want to consider looking into his college and finding out the mascot of the school or information on giving him a gift to the school book store, ...

Book Recommendations for an 11 Year Old Girl

Can anyone recommend some good books (or authors) for her age group (& slightly older). She just finished reading a "high school" type book which talked ...

16Yr Old Stepson Refuses to Do School Work; Dad Is Lienient; Stepmom FRUSTRATED.

Mac is a sophomore in high school andI still have to go through his backpack ... There is a very good book that is used for a manual for the doctor's that I ...
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  • pee wee scouts in 2 answers "the giving tree." and, i agree, "pee wee scouts""
  • little house on the prairie books in 2 answers "I loved the Little House on the Prairie books, the Narnia series and the Pern series ..."
  • shel silverstein in 2 answers "Besides chapter books, you could read poetry for kids. Like Shel Silverstein.. all ..."
  • words on each page in 2 answers "... road to reading start with big books that only have one or to words on each page ..."
  • running the book fair in 2 answers "If you chose to continue running the book fair, try to do it cheerfully and willingly."