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Mole Removal

He removed a 1 cm cyst from my cheek and there is barely a scar. ... I would not worry about the scarring because if it is bad you will have way procedures ...

How to Treat a Cut on Toddler's Face?

To avoid both scarring and infection, what's the best way to treat this wound until .... G., if the cut is deep enough that you are worried about scarring, ...

Fraxel Laser

I never thought my face would be able to completely heal from all the acne scarring from my teenage years. I highly reccomend Fraxel. Helpful? ...

Seeking Insight on Breast Reduction Surgery/liposuction

I went from a G to a D. I can't even see the scar around my nipple and the scar .... I had a breast reduction done when I was 20--the scarring is minimal, ...

Lamaze/Birthing Classes

Any scarring above the lower, thinner part of your uterus. ... This is important if you are planning on a future pregnancy-the more scars on the uterus, ...

Ant Bites

... capsules on the scars and on the active bites as this will help to reduce scarring as well as aid in healing the bites more quickly My kids have eczema ...

What to Use on My Son to Minimize Scaring?

I have used vitamin e oil for my hysterectomy scar and a scar from minor ... Is There a Cream to Prevent Scarring · 41 · Alternative to Mederma Scar Creme ...

Stretch Marks

I have recently been using Mederma for new and old scars on a tattoo removal that ... It's highly concentrated and also helps wrinkles, burns and scarring. ...

Looking for a Good Scar Reduction Cream

Read all 7 responses: "Hi, Does someone knows of a good, effective over the counter cream, gel for scar reduction from skin. My daughter had some break out ...

Cosmetic Surgeon Referral Needed

I have had several of my clients use him for reconstructive surgeries for dog bites on kids, and other scarring. He is great with kids and board certified. ...
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  • cant lift your arms above in 2 answers "You also can't lift your arms above your shoulders for a little bit, and will wear ..."
  • school about getting rid of the ants in 2 answers "talk to the school about getting rid of the ants and give her aveno oatmeal baths ..."
  • can close it with surgical glue in 2 answers "... you can take her to the doctor asap and they can close it with surgical glue."
  • fire ant bites in 3 answers "I found this product and it worked like a charm to treat fire ant bites on my sons ..."
  • steri strips in 3 answers "But if it's not that bad, you can just put steri strips on it."