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Seeking Alternative Diagnosis for Cradle Cap

I went to a beauty salon and bought Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Scalp Treatment ( it's natural...made with euclyptus, mint, etc.) Within a month it cleared up ...

6 Year Old with Infectious Dandruff???

You could need a prescription-strength shampoo, or more aggressive treatment with a steroid lotion. If a scalp shows signs of redness, bleeding, swelling, ...

Thinning and Loosing Hair

hello I too lost hair with my children i suggest that you try B Vitamins and I also want to recommend scalp treatment Biotin is also found in the b vitamin ...

Losing Hair After Childbirth

There is a shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp treatment. Just be careful not to let the scalp treatment drip onto your face or shoulders because you will ...

How to Naturally Regain Hair Loss!

There is another company called Arbonne that has a hair and scalp treatment and shampoo that my husband has used with great results...also available ...

I Need Advice on Preventing Head lice...please Help!!!

A friend had recommended a Paul Mitchell scalp treatment a while back when my daughter was starting school and I was paranoid about head lice. ...

Baby Has Dry Scalp

You can also use it for an oil treatment on dry hair and scalp, or add a few drops to your bath water for a luxurious treat. ...

Help with Women Hair Loss Products/systems - Anybody Try Anything That Works?

It is a three step process; Shampoo, Conditioner & Scalp Treatment. What I noticed in using it, is it slows the hair loss. I used it everyday through the ...

Cradle Cap/ Dry Scalp

My son had a really bad problem with cradle cap and dry scalp. ... It is also great for dry cuticles, a deep hot oil hair treatment and many other uses. ...

Any Advice on How to Treat a Dry Scalp??

Read all 10 responses: "My 1 year old has a very dry, itchy scalp. ... If he continues to have problems a few weeks after you start treatment he might need ...
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