Santa Claus

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Breaking the no-Santa News

I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12 years old because my parents went all out to keep me believing and when I finally realized the truth at age 12, ...

Fending off Santa Comments?

Because reality is there is no way, especially now that we live in the friendly midwest, that she will not run into Santa Claus or mentions and focus on him ...

Costume Ideas for Pregnant Mom

Santa Claus, a Hershey Kiss maybe? My sis is pregnant right now and said she was going to dress up like a pregnant Britney Spears LOL. Helpful? ...

Open Communication with Your Children and Honesty

I absolutely positively do not see Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or the Tooth ... Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny etc are not lies, they are symbols of certain ...

Alternative to the Tooth Fairy

We really did not encourage belief in fictional characters such as Santa Claus, tooth fairy and Easter bunny but wanted to preserve the customs of childhood ...

Christmas Events

Join us for Santa's Workshop and enjoy music, games, yule fire, arts & crafts and of course….Santa Claus. Hot cocoa will also be available for $1 and you ...

What's There to Do for the Holiday?

Fort Worth has a great Thanksgiving parade the day after Thanksgiving, with a grand entrance by Santa Claus. The Gaylord (Grapevine) is decorated ...

What Are Your Favorite Movies for Kids?

Santa Claus the Movie. NOT the Tim Allen one (although cute) This movie was made in the ... Great story about Santa Claus. Enjoy! 2 moms found this helpful ...

Gift Ideas for Teens

The DVD's Santa Claus 3 and Shrek 3 just came out. My 3 boys enjoy these movies a lot. They are ages 12, 16, & 19. You could make a movie bucket w/ popcorn ...
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