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Stuffy 4 Month Old

If your little one has chest congestion you can also use Vicks Baby vapor rub ( for 3 months and older). My doctor's also recommend the saline drops and a ...

Baby's First Cold

I'm running a humidifier in her room, and using saline drops and a bulb syringe. .... They also make Vick's Vapor Rub for babies you can put on their chest. ...

Infant with a Stuffy Nose

Use the "snot sucker" for babies. They also have saline nose drops that can loosen things up too. You can put that J&J cold relief stuff in her bath too. ...

Help Soothing Baby with First Cold

And last but not least, get some saline nose drops for babies (Like Baby Ayr or Little Noses) and an aspirator. Put 3-4 good drops in one nostril, ...

Congested 1 Month Old

Does anyone have any suggestions? Most med's say baby has to be at least 3 months so I'm not sure what I can do. I've tried a humidifier and saline drops so ...

6 Weeks Old with Mucus in Throat

I hope this helps and your baby feels better. The previously suggested saline drops are a great idea. Also the mucus bulb that sucks out the mucus out of ...

Congestion and Nursing

Hopefully you and your baby find a trick that brings relief. Goodluck! ... saline drops, or a few drops of expressed breast milk up the nose. Helpful? ...

Nose Congestion

Read all 6 responses: "My baby will be 9 weeks old on Monday. ... As everyone else mentioned, the saline drops from lil noses works wonders! ...

In Need of a Good Congestion Medicine for 5 Mo. Old

Saline drops by little noses and prop the crib mattress up a with a phone book. ... I am sure they will be able to let you know shat is best for your baby. ...

17 Month Old W/ a cold...any Suggestions to Help Him Feel Better?

We've been using baby vicks and saline drops. We also put a humidifier in her room at night and it seems to help with the cough. ...
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  • cool mist humidifier in her room in 2 answers "... get her nose as cleaned out as you can. Use a cool mist humidifier in her room ..."
  • vicks vapor rub in 5 answers "We also use vicks vapor rub on the inside of her clothes, and vicks vaporizer at night."
  • saline nasal spray in 3 answers "Saline nasal spray and a bulb aspirator to suck out snot (yep, it's gross, but it ..."
  • vicks vapor rub in 2 answers "... Walmart, grocery stores, drug stores etc) usually where the Vicks Vapor Rub ..."
  • saline nose drops in 3 answers "They also have saline nose drops that can loosen things up too."