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Squishy Saggy Belly and Bikini?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

ok ladies, my husband is no help on this. Before I had kids I was a size 4, with both kiddos I gained 75 lbs and it all went to my belly. I lost all the weight, run...


Should I Get New Boobs?

P.K. asks from Las Vegas

I'm considering breast implants. I'm really on the fence about this. My hubby is fine with my body and I'm not really self-concious about the way my breasts look. ...


Post Pregnancy Breasts

M.H. asks from Boston

Anyone else out there feeling self conscious about their post pregnancy breasts? I went from a happy 34B (pre pregnancy) to almost falling over in laughter when the l...



B.R. asks from Atlanta

They use to be cute...cute enough for me. I'm not that big. I'm sure I could afford surgery. And if I could, I'm not sure I'd want to go that route. Any suggestions o...


To Boob or Not to Boob? That Is the Question.

E.M. asks from Denver

My older has four kids and breast fed all of them. She got a boob job about 7 years ago and has been thrilled with the results. She went from full Cs to empty plast...


Do You Judge Moms Who Have Plastic Surgery/cosmetic Procedure?

M.R. asks from Dallas

Like boob jobs, filler in lips, botox? Do you judge if done tastefully?


Plastic Surgery (Breast)

R.S. asks from Sacramento

I am scheduled to have a breast reduction, which my insurance is paying. Has anyone been through this process? I have had four children and breast feed all of them ...


Plastic Surgery Experiences

M.C. asks from Nashville

Have any of you even undergone a mini tummy-tuck (or even a full tummy tuck)? And a breast lift? I am considering having these two procedures done, as we know our fam...


Breast Augmentation Anyone?

T.B. asks from Seattle

Is there anyone who has been through this procedure (and feels comfortable talking about it) I would like some feed back. Im thinking about getting breast implants as...


Breastfeeding and Weightloss

S.A. asks from Lincoln

I am currently breastfeeding my first child exclusively...almost 7 months now. I have always been a rather healthy person...I worked out throughout my pregnancy and ...

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