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Which Car Seats to Purchase?

It got great safety ratings---equal to better than Britax at the time we bought ... New! All-In-One Car Seat! 3 seats in one that fits children 5-100 pounds ...

Car Seat Placement

Call your local police, ambulance or fire department and ask when they are having a car seat safety day. They will have a professional install the seat for ...

Professional Car Seat Installer in Sherman Oaks Area

We bought a new car seat and want it professionally installed for maximum safety . Does anyone know who to call in the Sherman Oaks area? Thanks. ...

Toddler Fighting Getting into Car Seat

I have tried saying that big girls can climb into their own car seats. .... car seat safety · toddler car seat travel · skin lightening · car spray paint ...

Looking for the Safest Car Seat/travel System Available...

There are several car seats that are rated high for safety. It depends on what kind of seat you want (infant only or convertible). ...

Britax Marathon Car Seat Expiring?

If the manufacturer can't guarantee it's safety, I wouldn't be ... Yes, carseats do have a 6 year expiration date. The plastic is subjected to wear and tear ...

Car Seat in New York City?

They are all in a hurry to get to that next fair and we all know car seats are not quick! If you are concerned about safety, try the subway. ...

Car Seat Recommendation

Also, if you just do a yahoo search on the internet for car seats, you will get tons of websites so you can really do some comparing, cost wise, safety wise ...

Car Seat Advice

They also sell safety products like car seats and bike helmets at a substantial discount. What they recommended for me was a convertible carseat/ booster ...

Car Seat vs Booster

I tried cleaning out his car seat but it still smells - he's been in a ... There was a report on I think it was the Today Show about booster seat safety. ...
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  • call your local police in 2 answers "you can call your local police or fire dept and they can give you specifics as far ..."
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