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Booster Seat

Look into a new 5 point harness seat belt. Eddie Bauer makes a nice big one I hold ... of when it's safe to switch from a 5 point harness seat to a booster: ...

Avg. Age Children Move to Booster Seat?

I just know you can't put them in a booster till they are 4. I know this can be hard, because my daughter 3 and I have to buy another 5 point harness seat ...

Advise on a Goo High Back Booster Seat.

It is a 5 point harness system for bigger children that stil need to be in a 5 ... they generally have the safest seats and I know they carry boosters. ...

Booster Seat - What One Is the Best...

I really like the safety of the 5 point harness and feel that they are too ... they are safe enough to just use the seat booster. i have used the high back ...

The Best Booster Seat

It is a new car seat by Graco called Nautilus for $150.00. They can be in the 5 point harness system until 65lbs! That is the safest way to go! ...

Car Seat Advice

Really it is the safest. If you are worried about price, Target has a 5 point self-harness booster seat (it is blue) that sells for around $40 - I think it ...

Carseat or Booster for 36Mos Old Who Weighs 40 Lbs.

We have Coscos that have the 5 point harness that can be removed Both of our ... Five point booster are the safest if they are positioned right I have both ...

When to Move Child Out of a Ocnvertible Seat into a Booster

So, I want to be sure we put our oldest in the safest possible seat for her .... A 5-point harness is so much safer than a booster, keep her harnessed as ...

Booster Car Seats for Kids Before 4

I do believe a 5-point harness is the safest, however, I contacted our car seat ... I'd keep the 5 point harness as long as possible. The booster seat ...

Changing to a Booster Seat

The absolute safest place for a child under 85lbs is in a 5-point harness, properly buckled to a seat and tethered to the vehicle. ...
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