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The Elusive Search for Fresh Smelling Laundry

I use Ultra Ecos Free and Clear All Natural Laundry Detergent. I found it at Lucky Vitamins (mail order) after a long search for a natural and safe laundry ...

Baby Acne

Also make sure you use baby laundry detergent. Hope this helps. ... in a couple of months, my doctor prescribed a steroid cream that is safe for babies. ...

Dreft Detergent

"All" also makes a baby detergent that is just like Dreft and much more affordable. ... company that has products that are very safe and soooooo effective. ..... His doctor told me to use regular laundry detergent - which I used either ...


And... it can't hurt to be safe, right? :). Congratulations on your baby... its ... If you MUST get detergent that's baby-looking, the ALL baby is about 1/3 the price of Dreft. Helpful? .... Should I Really Use Dreft Laundry Soap? ...

High Efficiency Washers

Oh and as a side note several other companies have come out with Baby laundry products that are as good as ... I did a test for the 3rd, too (just to be safe) , and again no problem. ... Laundry Detergent/High Efficiency Washing Machines ...

Special Detergent for Baby's Clothes

My son is now 10 months old, my question is: How many of you still buy a special detergent, i.e. Dreft, for your baby's laundry after about 6 months of age? ...

Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapers

Jun 6, 2009 ... I recently switched to seventh generation laundry detergent and I believe ... right after you change the baby .. leave naked !!! [ safe ] ...

Smelly Baby Clothes! Vinegar in My Laundry?!!?

The baking soda helps smells and even is a natural color safe bleach. .... Try adding 1/2 cup of Borax "laundry detergent booster" to your loads of laundry, ...

Need Help with Baby Eczema- Does Hypoallegenic Formula Help?

Oct 19, 2009 ... (totally safe). Soy is bad. DO NOT use soy formula. ... We also had to change laundry detergents and bath wash/shampoo among other things ...

Can a 5 1/2 Month Old Have Allergies?

I used unscented laundry detergent and fabric softeners, ... These are safe to use on babies, but you might want to ask your doc for the best way to ...
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