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Is There a Room Cleaning Disability?

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My 6 year old is messy. Her room is a mess. I have tried for years to get her to clean it - tried all different tactics. I have cleaned it for her and labeled plac...


9-Year-old Won't Clean Her Room for Anything

C.B. asks from Houston

I have 9-year-old twin girls who share a room. The "older" of the two cleans up after herself pretty well, but the "younger" one is a complete slob. She has not bee...


Party Games

T.T. asks from New York

Does anyone have and pary game ideas. I am having a makeover party and I am looking for a few fun quick games to break the ice and give me oppurtunities to hand out p...


Birthday Party

J.C. asks from Chicago

My daughter will be celebrating her birthday. She will be 7 years old. I am trying to come up with some exciting games that we can play at home. I am not looking for ...


Decorating Advice Needed

M.L. asks from Chicago

My bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover. Currently the walls are a dark blue, the trim is white, the cabinets regular wood color, countertop is off-white, sho...


Would This Bother You?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I have this friend.... She is a really close friend. She doesn't work, her hubby does, but he doesn't make a whole lot. They get money still from both sets of pa...


Son's Birthday Coming up but Not Feeling like a Big Party

E.P. asks from Tampa

Two weeks ago, I had my daughter's 8th birthday at a beauty school. It was a makeover party. The girls had their hair, nails, and makeup done. All the parents raved a...


People Who Have Tackled Debt

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

We have 30k, yes 30k of credit card debt. Didnt even know it was that high until we added it up and I cried. We bought Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" book and...


Help! My 5 Year Old Son Still Sleeps in My Bed!

A.T. asks from Tucson

Since my son was born he has slept in my bed. I know. I have tried to get him back in his crib and his own bed once he was old enough. As an infant I even let him ...


Seeking Moms Help

C.H. asks from Portland

Hello, I have an issue with my teenage daughter. I can't seem to get her to clean her room. ok that might now sound bad buttttt my friends her room stinks. we have to...

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