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Your Thoughts Please (Kindergarten Romeo)...

L.M. asks from Dover

So my 5, soon to be 6, year old daughter started K at the end of last month. Loves school and all her new friends...including "O". O seems to have a bit of a crush ...


What Are Your Favorite Valentines Day Movies.. Love Story Comedies?

A.E. asks from Des Moines

I am going to have a weekend well a day or so with hubby and play on just watching movies together perhaps go out to eat depending on weather and how I am feeling. I...


Would You Want to Know This About Your Daughter?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

My nice babysitter next door is now 16. She actually hasn't sat for us OFTEN, because I don't go out much AND because she has spent every waking hour aside from scho...


Calling All Thespians...prior or Current!!

M.W. asks from San Francisco

My 6th grade son is auditioning for the first time in his life for a school play. This boy is a performer to the very core. He has never taken acting or singing les...


Egg-Laying Budgie

M.B. asks from Washington DC

My mom has a budgie that just won't stop laying eggs (about one every two days), and since she started (about two months ago) her whole attitude (the bird's attitude,...


Braodway Plays in Chicago

B.J. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! My husband and I were wanting to see a play in Chicago for our anniversary this July. I was thinking something along the lines of Wicked or Jersey boys, ...


Charter Schools

S.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have the inside scoop on charter schools? Pros/Cons. Would you recommend or not? Specifically, Im looking at Universal Academy in Coppell/Irving area.


Need a Costume Idea

J.C. asks from Phoenix

Ok, I'm surprising my husband on his birthday weekend by signing us up for "the Great Urban Race". Its like the show Amazing Race, only its local, you do it in under...


Teething Tablets

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

I have been giving my 7 month daughter Hylands teething tablets, 3 tablets 3 times a day for the last couple weeks! I didnt realize that you were only suposed to give...


Suppot for My Heart

C.C. asks from Washington DC

Which is breaking as I see my 19 y!/o taking the hard road in life. She finally married this boy she has been dating on and off for a yr. They have had some major iss...

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