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Anestesia for a 7 Year Old for an MRI

B.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my 7 year old dughter needs an MRI to know if she had a inuterus stroke or a brain malformation (something really mild). I am super nervous about this procedure b...


Hormones for Menopause

P.W. asks from San Francisco

Okay, I've had it with this menopause. I'm going to replace some hormones. What exact type and amount of hormones are you taking, and what difference did you not...


Laser Hair Removal- Bikini Area

D.B. asks from Dallas

As a post pregnancy gift to myself I am considering doing laser hair treatment to my bikini line. I will wait until I am finished breastfeeding as well. I have sear...


Smoking While Pregnant

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

My sister is a smoker and has been trying to get pregnant. She announced at Thanksgiving that she is expecting in August. She however is continuing to smoke and doe...


Need OB/GYN in Tempe Area

K.A. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for a good OB/GYN in the Tempe/Mesa area who is familiar with the Fertility Awareness Method and not freaked out about a 40 yr old woman trying to get pr...


Ulcerative Colitis & C-sections

S.S. asks from St. Louis

Hello to all you moms. I am thrilled to be 9 weeks pregnant with our second child. My first child I delivered natually without any medications whatsoever. That was to...


Mildly Abnormal Thyroid and Prenancy

N.K. asks from Chicago

Hello All, I recetnly found out that my tsh is 5.107 and tsh last year was 5.789. The docter I went to last year didn't alert me on the elevated TSH and over all I wa...


Recommendations For/against Vasectomy Procedure?

B.D. asks from San Diego

Hi everyone - Long story short...my husband and I do not wish to conceive any more children. We are 100% certain of this decision, and have given it much thought o...



M.W. asks from Chicago

My girlfriend was just diagnosed with Preeclampsia. They have released her from the hospital and put her on bed rest. She is 34 weeks pregnant and they are saying her...


Stomach Banding

M.M. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm thinking about having stomach banding done, but I'm worried about the risks. Does anyone know what real (not just the ones that the dr tells you) are? Have you ...

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