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My Cat Is Ruining Our Furniture Suggestions on Natural Repellent

My cats love them. I keep them in a few rooms. Get some cat nip and crush it and sprinkle on post. Try bitter apple spray. I am part of the "rescue ...

Cat Question from a Non-cat Person

I would speak to some rescue groups. Perhaps an adult cat who is not a kitten would be more to your liking. If the cat/kitten is declawed, ...

Looking for a Vet

Last year we adopted a rescue dog. We are looking for a good, inexpensive vet in the Mount Prospect area for routine annual care. We also have 2 cats. ...

Dogs, Cats, and Young Children

We've had a laid back rescue cat for almost 5 years, and recently added a maine coon 6 month old kitten to the mix. He is very good with my youngest, ...

Lungworms in Dogs

My husband & I rescue cats/kittens & have 4 cats & a dog. Have you tried a " holistic" vet? I strongly believe in Natural cures. We have treated our animals ...

Keeping Cats off Livingroom Furniture

We tore off several sheets of foil for our new furniture (b/c I love my rescue cat and would NEVER get rid of her!). The foil stays on until one of us wants ...

Allergies and Cats

If you truly want a cat, then you can look into breed specific rescue shelters. They will be less expensive. Good luck to you. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Hamster or Guinea Pig

I agree, I would rescue a kitten. If you have a good place in a utility room or something for the litter box, then cats are way more interactive and ...

Asthma and Pets

I put the cats on a recommended cat food from a company called Flint R. and it has seemed to help. You can order it from Street Cat Rescue here in Austin. ...

Has Anyone Tested Positive for Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy?

Get some Bach Flower remedies, Mimulus will probably help, and Rescue remedy drops in case ... My Newly-pregnant Daughter Needs to Give Away Cats - URGENT! ...
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  • razor sharp claws in 2 answers "Yes he does have razor sharp claws, but he has never used them on my son and my son ..."
  • use aluminum foil in 2 answers "But at night or when we are away from home, we use aluminum foil."
  • bitter apple spray in 2 answers "... not want them, you can get at your local pet store its called bitter apple spray ..."
  • short haired cat in 2 answers "But if this is for a small child, you can get a short haired cat, with very little ..."
  • stay away from cats in 2 answers "I think, if it were me, I'd stay away from cats."