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LG Refrigerator Repair Service Needed

A.Q. asks from Charlotte

Does anyone know of a an appliance or repair shop that handles LG refrigerators? I'm having a problem with water leaking out from the bottom freezer door...don't know...


Appliance Repairs

A.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a recommendation for stove and refrigerator repairs? We need the ice maker on the freezer fixed, and our oven is not heating. Can I call Sears or B...


Fridge Recommendation

L.R. asks from Dallas

I'm looking at getting a new French door style fridge with the ice maker and water dispenser, freezer on bottom. Anyone love thiers? Let me know what kind you bough...


Refrigerator Help! What Is Going On?

C.J. asks from Dallas

For the last three weeks on random occasions I’ll go in to my fridge and the middle shelf will be full (like full-full) of water. The first time I thought someone s...


Appliance Repairs

J.G. asks from Chicago

My maytag front load has stopped drying. We'd done as much "do it yourself" analysis as we can do, so I need to call someone. When things break, we either fix them o...


Compare Home Warranty Companies

C.S. asks from Houston

I am needing to find out about any experiences with home warranty that you may have. I have found a company who claims to be the best. I am trying to compare and see....


Need Help Choosing Style for New Refrigerator

B.D. asks from Dallas

We are shopping around for a new refrigerator and are considering the newer French Door with bottom freezer style. We've had a trusty old Kenmore side-by-side for th...


PerAnyone Else Having One of THOSE Days

D.P. asks from Sacramento

Venting - I slept in, good thing, but woke up with pounding headache. I started to go about my day, all going ok, THEN, my freezer is not working, but only the top h...


Shopping for a New Fridge

K. asks from Tampa

Our 20+ yr old fridge is leaking, so we've started looking around for a new one. Looking for any & all experiences with any & all brands/types/etc. We're leaning tow...


My Crazy Fridge

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey Moms, I have a whirlpool double door fridge, the kind where one whole side is the fridge and the other whole side is the freezer. There are a couple things abou...

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