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Urine Stain (And AWFUL Smell) on Couch

We were able to remove the stain AND the awful smell! We used a pet stain remover first, then threw the cover in the wash (um, so embarrassing that I didn 't ...

How to Get Coffee Stain Out of Carpet.

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. A.D. answers from Detroit on January 30, 2009. For all carpet stains, I use Shaklee's Get Clean ...

Argghh! How Do I Get Poop Stains Out of His Clothes?

The packaging is a bit wacky, but this stuff works well on hard to remove stains . I wanted to stamp my baby's handprint on a card and unfortunately didn't ...

Stain on Granite Countertops

I clean mine with a natural stone cleaner i got there, but I've not had to remove a stain. Maybe they have something for that too??? Good Luck! Helpful? ...

4 Year Old Breastmilk Stain Removal?

I haven't tried anything to remove the stains. I'll have to cut pieces out of the outfits to make a quilt anyway, so I just figured I would cut around the ...

Best Stain Remover for Old Stains on Baby Clothes

It may take several tries to complete remove the stains. I have not attempted to remove old baby stains, but I have had luck removing other difficult stains ...

Stains on Bibs/clothing/plastic Food Trays/spoons

Good Luck. (and yes I use shout on my daughters tray to remove food stains too). Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Stains on Bathroom Floor

I have never tried it on that exact stain before but have had a lot of luck with it removing other types of set in stains. You can find them in your grocery ...

Stain Removal

The sol-U-Mel is to used undiluted to help remove stains. These products have worked for me. I am actually an Independent Consultant for the company and I ...

Lipstick Stains

Many moms like yourself have found this to be a great product for hard to remove stains. You are welcome to contact me for more information on this or other ...
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  • dawn dish soap in 2 answers "I worked in a laundramat and we used a combo of water a squirt of Dawn dish soap and ..."
  • natures miracle in 8 answers "I recommend "Nature's Miracle". That's the same solution pet owners use on pet accidents ..."
  • plastic food trays in 2 answers "... I am not sure when you say plastic food trays ..."
  • use oxi clean in 2 answers "If I were you I would use oxi-clean."
  • lowes or home depot in 2 answers "You can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot."