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How long does it take to heal from a impacted wisdom tooth removal

Read all 7 responses: "I am getting one impacted wisdom tooth removed next Friday. I was wondering about the recovery time. My dentist makes it sound like ...

Discussing Hair Removal with Tween

Read all 104 responses: "Thank you all for your responses, but I no longer need additional comments on "my request",so, I deleted it.

Advice on Gallbladder Removal

Sep 14, 2009 ... Read all 30 responses: "I recently found out that my gallbladder is no longer working. I am scheduled for surgery on September 17th, ...

3 Year Old Adenoid Removal

Read all 6 responses: "Hi everyone, My 3 year old daughter is scheduled to have her adenoids removed next month. She has a constant runny nose, ...

Anyone Every Used Smooth Solutions for Hair Removal?

Read all 12 responses: "I was just curious what other Mom's though of this. I don't want to waste my money! Let me know what you think. Thanks!"

Pregnancy After Removal of Mirena IUD?

Read all 11 responses: "Has anyone gotten pregnant after having a Mirena IUD removed. Were there any complications with the removal or with the pregnancy?

Whats the Secret to Crayon Removal???

Read all 33 responses: "Ok- I know some one knows- so I ask- how do you get crayon out of...well everything. My 2 year old stashes crayons and then colors ...

Ear Tubes & Adenoid Removal

Read all 7 responses: "I've posted various times on Mamasource pertaining my child's sleep patterns...and I'm wondering if, hopefully, what I am about to ...

Permanent Marker Removal

Read all 23 responses: "does anyone know how to get permanent marker out of carpet?"

4 Year Old Breastmilk Stain Removal?

Read all 42 responses: "This is a good one--hope someone can help! I went digging through my daughter's old newborn clothes today (she is almost 4), ...
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