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Morning Sickness Remedies

J.W. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms. This is my second pregnancy and I am having the worst time with morning sickness and other digestive complications. I'm about 9 wks along and I've been jokin...


Head Lice at School - Remedies

D.E. asks from Portland son is in Kindergarten and we keep getting notes from school stating "there has been a case of headlice in your child's classroom". Does anyone know of any ...


Looking for Menstrual Headache Remedies

A.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas! I have been getting migraine headaches during my menstrual cycle. I don't get them everyday but when I do the headache pretty powerful. I was looking for a...


Diaper Rash Remedies

R.S. asks from Providence

Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? I've tried the over the counter creams, letting her be without a diaper, longer bath time. It doesn't seem to be cle...


Natural Cough Remedies

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms! I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have had a lingering cough for about a week now and it seems to be getting worse. I do not want to take any OTC drugs ev...


Homeopathic Remedies Anyone?

K.B. asks from San Antonio

Hi Ladies, Please feel free to share your homeopathic remedies you use on your babies to sleep through the night and stop crying. My 11 month old who used to be a gr...


Home Remedies for Congested/Runny Noses?

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

My husband, myself, and our two little ones have a cold. The worst symptom? Stuffy/runny noses. :/ It is making breathing through our noses impossible, which in turn ...


Natural Remedies for Endometreosis

D.H. asks from Detroit

Hi I am a mother of two, and have struggled with endometreosis for about 15 years. I have had a laproscopy and lesions were removed however; now that I am done having...


Doctors Versus Mommy's Remedies

P.O. asks from Jacksonville

Hello moms, maybe you can help me with this one. Your child gets sick, you get worried, you take them to the doctor and the doctor checks the vitals, notes that it's...


Smashed Finger Remedies

K.V. asks from Richland

My 16 mo. old son smashed his little finger a week ago and as a result the fingernail is probably coming off at any time and the cut that we had superglued is startin...

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