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Christmas Gift, Appropriate for a Jewish Instructor????

If the gift itself is christian or christmas related, that could be considered offensive. But if the gift has no religious significance and is just given ...

Christening Gift for Goddaughter

When my daughters were christened we got all kinds of gifts(everything from clothes to money to religious items.) My older daughters God parents gave her a ...

Seeking Ideas for a Confirmation Gift

When shopping for a communion or confirmation gift I always go to a religious gift store. They always have TONS of great sentimental gifts for communions ...

Baptism Gift Ideas

You will need to bring a gift, and I usually go to a religious store and find something. Good luck. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Questions About Godparents

Not to be someone just to buy birthday gifts or materialistic things, or just to fill the "role". My husband has 1 sister, and his family is not religious. ...

Non Religious Mom Wants Kid Baptised Hassle Free

Can i even do that? Its not that im not religious. I just..." ... These have proved to be invaluable gifts during lean financial times. 25 minutes ago ...

Seeking Suggestions for Godparent Gifts

I did not give anything that was religious whatsoever. I gave them each a gift relating to something that pertained to their interests. We are a religious ...

Have You Ever Had a Non-religious Blessing for Your Child?

If you are not "religious", then who are you asking the blessing from? .... Silver F added this item : Gift cards at local movie houses are perfect. ...

Godparent Gift

Don't always feel that you need to do a religious gift. There are so many things that can show your appreciation just as well. ...

Godson's Babtisim-something Special

Since you have gotten a lot of GREAT ideas for Religious gifts, I thought I would go another route. Have you considered a set of coins for this year? ...
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