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How Do I Handle Emotions in My Family from My Husbands Stroke?

Talk to the hospital where your husband got his care to see if they offer some family support services .... rehabilitation hospitals · family practice jobs ...

Not Sure What Can Be Done

I would contain the DMR and possible Mass Rehab. I'm not sure exactly where you live, but possibly .... workforce investment act · rehabilitation hospitals ...

Weak Ankles and Need for Braces

You will need a referral: This is were my .... offered at Midland Children's Rehabilitation Center ###-###-####. ...

Seeking Help with Back Problem

I know many hospitals and YMCAs run Water Arthritis programs, ..... two people with success recently at Illinois Spinal and Sports Rehabilitation located at ...

How to Tell My Child Whats Wrong with Her Brother

There are specialists at Children's Rehabilitation Services at St. Joseph's Hospital or at Phoenix Children Hospital. T. Helpful? ...

Help!!! My Husband Has a Back Problem

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hello. My husband threw out his back when we were climbing in Aruba in December. The hospital there gave him some pills to stop the pain. When we got back he went ...


Seeking Orthopaedic Doctor in Rockville Area

R.C. asks from Washington DC

I messed up my knee while out of town and am looking for a good orthopaedic doctor with whom I can follow-up for an MRI and appropriate treatment(preferably in the Si...


Rehab and Nursing Home Care for My Mother

L.L. asks from Philadelphia

Recently my mother fell and broke her wrist shoulder and femur...being 79 ...they are basically asking her to be discharged to a nursing facility to recover..I am loo...



J.G. asks from Houston

Hello my name is J. andI have 4 kids all are almost grown 24 21 17 and 7. My 17 yr old daughter was dxd with AS when she was 12, I pretty much have all i need to know...


I Need Help

D.B. asks from Atlanta

I am a registered nurse who works in a hospital for 12 hr shifts on the night shift. I work nights because it is quieter and not as hectic and not as demanding on my ...

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