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Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

Symptoms: Spitting up - a lot now that on Nutramigen, before it was occasional. ... Coughing/Gagging/Choking - Dr. says it's a milk allergy or acid reflux ...

Four Month Old Constant Crying-is It Colic, Acid Reflux, Lactose Intolerance?

At our 4 month check-up the doctor prescribed Zantac for acid reflux. Our baby is gaining weight fine and her only symptoms are excessive crying and ...

11 Month Old with Acid Reflux Doesn't Sleep Through the Night

He has acid reflux and takes preacid. When I pick him up,(which I don't like to do but he is screaming standing ..... stomach acid · acid reflux symptoms ...

Colic and Reflux

I think babies w/ colic and reflux seem to have more symptoms when they are over tired. It seems simple, but I think it really helped. ...

Two Month Old Has Acid Reflux and I Can't Put Him in His Crib to Sleep

Read all 17 responses: "My two month old has acid mild acid reflux and when I try to ... acid reflux symptoms · sleep pillow · hypo allergenic · sassy baby ...

Milk/Soy Protein Allergy

My friend had a baby with these same symptoms, the Dr. DID prescribe reflux meds , and it made the baby sicker and even more miserable. ...


He even had a seizure and aparently this can be one of the less know symptoms of reflux too. Good luck. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Throwing UP!

My oldest son have the very same symptoms...even with breast milk. .... I have a grandaughter that has acid reflux and she takes medicine for it . ...

Laryngomalacia and Reflux

My son wsa just diagnosed with laryngomalacia and reflux. .... 3 Year Old with Cottage Cheese like Reflux ... antacids pregnancy · bradycardia symptoms ...

Problem with reflux....need Advice!!

15 May 2009 ... Those meds just mask symptoms and don't fix the problem. Find out what is causing the reflux and treat that...not the symptoms! Helpful? ...
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