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Acid Reflux

IMHO: I don't think your baby has acid reflux from your description and ... As for the hiccups - babies hiccup alot and is not a symptom of acid reflux. ...

1 Month Newborn with a Floppy Epiglottis & Reflux

Peyton is healthy little boy, but just has reflux. I know... just reflux which can be very painful for the baby and for the parents (more for the parents). ...

Baby Won't Take Bottle

The acid reflux is abig kicker both of my kids had it and they are both on medicine for ... more common in babies every day almost every baby I know has it . ...

Help with My Colicky Baby

25 Apr 2009 ... You may want to think about getting him checked for reflux. Some babies have silent reflux and the only signs they have is the extreme ...

Problem with reflux....need Advice!!

15 May 2009 ... Both my kids had reflux. My daughter started on Zantac at 2 months and it helped her a great deal. she was a very fussy baby befreo the ...

Anyone Given Liquid Calcium to Infant(3 1/2 Months) for Reflux??

Has anyone out there given a baby liquid calcium for reflux? If so, how much? Is it safe? other info? Any other remedies that helped baby's reflux? ...

Infant Chiropractor for Reflux?

He never had reflux so I don't know anything about that but generally speaking he is in excellent health, especially since he was a preemie baby. ...

Severe Acid Reflux

17 Jun 2009 ... I can't say it'll fix everything but I know of many, many moms who have found food allergies to cause reflux in their babies. ...

Mucous in Spit Up

My 6 week old son has mucus spit up too and does not have reflux He has a ton of mucus I am breast feeding as well A friend with a reflux baby was told that ...

Acid Reflux or Just His Personality? How Can We Get Some Sleep?!

Hi C., as a mom of a reflux baby I can understand how you are trying to find ways for him to rest. I don't think that the meds are working for him. ...
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