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Can He Sell the House

L.G. asks from Tampa

My huband purchased our home 3 years ago prior to us getting married so therefore the house is in his name only. We are going thru a tough time now and he wants to se...


Help! Urgent! What Can I Do Regarding House That Was Awarded to Ex in Divorce?

T.A. asks from Dallas

Ok, our divorce was finalized the beginning of November. He was awarded the house in the divorce decree, which was fine since I didn't want it and cound't afford it. ...


Refinancing Our House: Suggestions!

J.M. asks from Kansas City

We are looking to refinance our house... any suggestions? A company you used that you preferred? Thanks in advance for the help!


Can Anyone Help save Our Home?

H.B. asks from Dallas

I am at such a loss. My husband has a very low credit score and right now our house note is over half of our income. We have a very high interest rate. We have bee...


Am I Responsible for My Soon to Be X-husband Not Paying the Mortgage?

S.R. asks from Dallas

Hello my husband and I are going through a divorde which will be final soon. He has been staying in our home since August of 2008 and recently I have found out that h...


For Sale Sign Now or Wait

J.R. asks from Saginaw

We bought our house with full intentions of fixing up and selling, so we took out a 7 year ballon mortgage. We now have 1 year left and 90% of the work has been comp...


Divorce and We Own a House

T.A. asks from Dallas

Ok, my husband and I have decided to call it quits. It's mutual, nothing bad. But I'm ready to move out now. I've already been looking for a rental house for me and m...


Having Problem with Fiance Still on Exwife's Mortgage.

M.H. asks from Huntington

My fiance has been divorced for 3 yrs and just found out his farm is still mortgaged againt his exwife's home. He says when he signed the deed over to her he thought ...


Divorce and Problems Associated with It

C.J. asks from Tampa

I have ben divorced and a single mom now for almost a year. I used to work full time nights until about 2 weeks ago(now going on my 3rd) well I had a family friend ...


Excell Mortgage Broker or Lender Needed for Condo Invest from ARM to Fixed Rate

C.S. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone recommend a great mortgage broker or lender who may have some good packages in these rough times of lending. I have a condo investment that I bought 5 yea...

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  • file a quit claim deed in 2 answers "Sure, file a quit claim deed, then you are no longer on the house and have no say ..."
  • quit claim deed in 3 answers "Generally after the divorce you have two weeks to sign the quit claim deed and he ..."
  • wait until the divorce is final in 2 answers "I personally would wait until the divorce is final and all the assets have been declared ..."
  • house goes into default in 2 answers "If the house goes into default, you could potentially be on the hook to owe the bank ..."
  • refinance the house in your name in 2 answers "You can refinance the house in your name even though you are not on title."