red swollen hands and feet

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Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

My kids didn't have the rash on their hands and feet, and neither did I, just the mouth ... red, swollen, and watery eyes pain in one or both testicles ...

Has Anyone Ever Seen This? Child with Chronic Lumps/mouth Ulcers Inside Mouth

Does your child have red and swollen gums that may bleed when he or she ... on the tongue or mouth, or a rash on the palms of hands or soles of feet? ...

Postpartum Swelling?

My entire body was swollen and I never had an ounce of swelling while pregnant ... I even took pictures of my feet hands and ankles because I could not ...

Allergic Reaction to Antibiotic

The patches are so red, some of them look briused in the centers... is that .... My hands, feet and face/neck were also swollen. I do remember that they ...

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

It seemed to help with his swollen mouth and sores in his throat. Maybe call your doctor and see if they will .... cold foot · swollen hands and feet ...

Dyshidrotic Eczema

A couple days ago my 16 month old daughter developed swollen hands with. ... watching her hands in it will makes it worse. my hands an feet get so bad with ...

HELP! My 5 y.o. Has Unexplainable SWOLLEN ANKLES; E.R. Docs Have No Clue.

... worried you must be but I applaud your courage for taking matters into your own hands. ... You can type in both swollen ankles and ankle itching/ rash. .... Breast/Arm Pain and Swollen Lymph Nodes · 12 · Need Advice on Swollen Feet ...

Losing Feeling in Fingers

I don't really look very swollen in the ankles and face, but I definitely have swelled. ..... swollen hands and feet · swollen feet during pregnancy ...

Out of Control Fluid Retention

It was just my hands and feet, but it's now my calves and knees. ... It was the water in my feet and legs. They still looked swollen, but not nearly as bad. ...

Mother Seeking Advice on 2 Year Old with an Allergic Reaction to a Dog

It started out on her tummy as a giant red hive like thing and moved to her arms and legs and then to her hands and feet. ... She also gets the hives all over her body and just recently, her ears became really red and swollen. ...
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