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Cord Blood Donation

L.N. asks from Dallas

I have had a hard time finding a place to donate my baby's cord blood to. I had first thought about banking it but in doing some research and looking at pricing, deci...


Blood Type

E.A. asks from Minneapolis

I have a four month old son and I just realized I don't know his blood type. I know they told me when I was in the hospital after he was born but everything from that...


Question for Those Who Have Donated Blood.

M.G. asks from Dallas

Hi! On Saturday, I donated blood (via the red cross). They told me to eat a good breakfast, which I did. I had a 9:00 appointment, but I needed to push it a few ho...


Donating Blood While Nursing

L.J. asks from Salt Lake City

Is it bad to donate blood while I'm nursing? I've heard that it can lower my milk supply, but have also heard it would be only for like a day or so, and if I drink a ...


Anyone 'Donated' Cord Blood Before?

A.L. asks from Washington DC

Just wondered if anyone has donated cord blood before? Don't really see why I wouldn't do it but I guess it is just new territory so still feeling it out. Anyone wi...


Can I Give Blood While Breastfeeding?

J.S. asks from Sioux Falls

My work is having a blood drive and I would like to donate. I am exclusively breastfeeding my 4 1/2 month old daughter and don't want to do anything to cause problem...


How Can I Find Out If I Can Give Blood Again

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi moms - I was in England for 4 months in 2008 as an exchange student. I used to be able to give blood all the time. I have 0+, and also CMV negative which means my ...


Baby Blood Cord Banks

C.H. asks from Chicago

My sister is 20 weeks pregnant and shes tossing around the idea of investing in the blood cord bank. Her doctor is stating that it's the best thing and all pregnant ...


Moms Who Exercise and Give Blood--recovery?

M.R. asks from Rochester

I just gave blood for the first time since having my third baby (he's 5 months old and I went to give over two months ago but they made a mistake with the bag clip an...


Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood.

C.G. asks from Austin

I am debating on whether to bank my baby's cord blood. I am curious on how many other mamas decided for or against it. Thanks for any input you can provide:)

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