red cheeks no fever

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Red, Red Ear in Preschooler

... but he'd checkout fine, no fever, etc. I think it happens mostly when he's really tired. My cheeks get really red, his ears get really red. ...

Rash on My Son's Cheeks

Helpful Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. C.S. answers from Cincinnati on November 5 2008. If he had an unexplained fever recently it may be ...

Unusual Rash on 13 Month Old

No fever, the rash looks like a sunburn, it does itch him (he's 13 months old and is extra ..... My 2 Yr. Old Niece Has Red Cheeks That Look like Sunburn ...

17 Month Old Fever and Lethargic, Getting More Worried, Any Ideas?

He has no other symptoms. I think it just might be him cutting more teeth, but he's never had any ... Are his cheeks red? Is he more upset at meal times? ...

Horrible Ugly Rash All over Body

Then it happend again but with no fever..I gave him a bath in Cornstarch and put .... of Fifth Disease)but myself and my son did not have the red cheeks. ...

Husband and Daughter Have Rashes

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share .... My 2 Yr. Old Niece Has Red Cheeks That Look like Sunburn · 9 · Itchy Rash - No Fever ...

Toddler with High Fever

... over - with their cheeks getting rosy red (looks like a slapped cheek). .... My son was 18 months old when he had a high fever for a few days with no ...


She does not have a fever and she does not appear to be itchy. ... Red blotches all over her neck, back, abdomen, arms...but no other symptoms. ...

Diarrhea in 6 Month Old

Stick the remedy between their cheek and gum. ... The catnip is relaxing, the red raspberry is nourishing, the slippery elm .... The doctor may not have been worried about the diarrhea if there was no fever. With fever, comes worries. ...

Is It Roseola?

Read all 24 responses: "My 11 mo boy started with a fever Wed evening, ... I'm no expert, but I thought roseola was really red cheeks along with a rash. ...
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