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Your Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe

What is your favorite recipe or slow cooker recipe website? Thanks!" ... I got mine new at half price books for only $5.95 and it was worth every penny. ...

Help with Book Club Dinner

I am hosting a book club dinner at my house next week. I am stumped on what to serve. ... Next question: Crock Pot Recipes for Mom on Bed Rest ...

HELP! Son's Diet Consists of Chicken Nuggets and Pizza!

There are lots of recipe books that are geared towards kids. Most important make sure that your kids see you eating your f&v too. ...

Easy and Quick Recipes

I also like Rachel Ray's website as well as her cook books. I would just go online and google quick and easy recipes. You'd be suprise by all the hits you ...

Looking for " Sneaky Chef" Recipes

I do not have that book but I do have some high cal food suggestions from a nutritionist at Childrens with some great recipes if you are interested let me ...

Meals That Freeze Well

There's a great book you might check out at the library called "Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer" and in addition to recipes it has tips on the best way ...

A No-sugar Cake Recipe for My Daughter's First Birthday

I used a carrot cake recipe in the "Super Baby Food" book, and I thought it was good! There were a number of no sugar cake recipes in that book. ...

Gift Ideas!!!

One homemade gift I made for my family, was a recipe book. I took all of our favorite family recipes (got many from my Mom) and new recipes that I enjoyed. ...

Celiac Disease Recipe Ideas

You know who has great recipes for this is Suzanne Sommers. Her books are full of really good "pro-fats" meals - all without flour and gluten. ...

How to Fix Play-Doh

However, I have 2 recipes from a book called Wonderplay, Too! that are A LOT cheaper .... In the book Slow and Steady Get Me Ready there is a great recipe: ...
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