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Powdered Formula Question

Read all 53 responses: "We were using the ready to feed Similac until this week, ... I have a grandson 8 mo old and feed him powdered formula. ...

Can You Store Formula???

I mix a day's worth of formula at a time for my son (using the powdered kind). When we used ready-to-feed I also kept it in bottles or the container in the ...

Question About Powder Formula

Hi, I started my son on Similac powder formula when he was born. His stomach didn't seem to agree with it too well and switched him to the Ready to feed ...

Formula W/cereal?

If you are only using to formula for cereal, you may want to consider getting ready-to-feed formulas that are already mixed. This will save you time and you ...

What's the Best Formula?

What is the best formula out there? Price is not an issue as..." ... The ready feed was good & the powder was great (don't have to refrigerate in summer). ...

Problem with Formula

I have heard nothing but negative results from people who formula feed. ..... That said, you didn't mention if you were using powder or ready to feed or ...

Sweeten Formula??

The formula is not going to be enough to sustain a child (most of the .... I tried various formulas & the one my dtr took was similac organic ready to feed. ...

Help Finding the Right Formula

He also started tolerating the powdered formula at six months. I found the best deals on the ready to feed Alimentum on Ebay, but don't get carried away ...

Baby Formula

Read all 19 responses: "I'm so confused about baby formula. ... I had to keep them both on the ready to feed formulas since my allergist said no way to the ...

Extra Fluids Necessary When Introducing Solids?

Well- he WAS ready and he DID let me know! .... That may be the problem... his system is simply not ready. ... ready to feed formula · starting solids ...
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