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4 Yr Old Daughter Seems to Have Anxiety

Oct 20, 2009 ... The next day he jumped out of bed got ready for school properly and happily. He came home happy and stayed happy and his attitude about everything is just ...

Advice Needed for Transitioning from Homeschool Back to Public School

The time to wake him up, make sure he gets ready for school at a certain time, track the progress of his homework, counsel him on getting along in that ...

8 Year Old Girl Behavior

Sep 8, 2009 ... At eight she should be able to get ready for school on her own Explain that she has to be out the door at X time and so she will be leaving ...

Talking About Inappropriate Touching at School

Our school social worker also does a lesson on good touch, bad touch. .... school ready · grand rapids schools · doctor school · ready for school ...

How Challenging Should Preschool Be?

They told me that part of this program is also about socialization which I do understand is a big part of being ready for school. ...

Kindergartner Having a Hard Time

Sep 29, 2009 ... To give a brief history he went to a Toddler school when he was 2 ... the bus stop He would be fine getting ready for schoolas cooperative ...

Getting My Daughter Dressed in the Morning

Sep 1, 2009 ... Everyday, my husband, my son and I are ready to go long before my ... torturing her Whether it's school or just going out it's a chore Any ...

Is a Full Day of Kindergarten Too Much for Most 4-6Yr Olds?

Sep 4, 2009 ... Usually the oldest kid of a family is more ready to go to school than subsequent siblings. Usually girls are ready for school earlier than ...

Looking for a Good Preschool (Preferably Faith Based)

... of Lawrenceville Highway This is our fourth year at the schooltwo kids two ... to mature and get ready for school The school is certified and aPreschool ...

School Bus Problems

school bus in 5 answersI am a school bus driver for our public school ... develop before they are ready for school This would give him time to improve his ...
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  • across a parking lot in 3 answers "Do they really drop off other children his age to walk across a parking lot?"
  • teaching him morals in 2 answers "As you teach him all the ABC's of school you are teaching him morals."
  • your sons safety in 3 answers "... know that your serious, educated, and prepared to fight for your son's safety ..."
  • your childs safety in 2 answers "I would fight for the rights of your childs safety."
  • park district program in 2 answers "You can't really ask the Park District program to change their preschool philosophy."