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Seeking Picture Book Recommendations: What's Your Favourite?

I loved reading the responses to date. All suggestions remind me of wonderful times. But my favorite times were reading Beatrix Potter books over and over ...

Good Books/Authors

Good Books/Authors. Hi Ladies, I am a teacher and I like to catch up on my reading over the summer months, as much as I can with a 15 month old by my side. ...

Starting Alphabet Recognition and Reading

Do read and keep reading books he likes and read for your self around him. He will get interested, promise!!! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Book Recommendations

6 Jun 2009 ... Book Recommendations - Keller, TX. I am in need of reading material. Everytime I go to a bookstore I get so overwhelmed and could easily ...

4Th Grade Chapter Books?

My daughter is finishing 2nd grade this year but is reading at a 4.5 level. She is reading Magic Treehouse books but is bored with them. ...

Reading Suggestions for a 15 Year Old

I am looking for some books to suggest to my 15 year old sister to read. She claims she hates reading, but she has never really tried reading a book for fun ...

What Is the Best Way to Teach Reading?

You start reading the book to her and point to each word as you read (read pretty slowly so she can keep up with your finger). When you get to the word I in ...

Good Learn How to Read Books..

(Goal is not to overwhelm him and make him not enjoy reading. We adults enjoy reading books like Twilight and Harry Potter, etc that are middle school age ...

Summer Reading Program

(Which is why many parents HATE those book-reading contests for pizza. .... The books are there about whatever he likes and reading is the important part. ...

15 Month Old Reads Books Upside Down. Should I Be Concerend?

All kids look at books upside down. I dont think they understand fully that there is a right way on reading books. They just want to look at the pictures ...
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  • laura ingalls wilder books in 2 answers "... or my students) enjoyed reading in fourth grade. The Laura Ingalls Wilder books ..."
  • by maud hart lovelace in 2 answers "Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace & the Catwings series by Ursula K."
  • lemony snicket series in 2 answers "We have just discovered the Lemony Snicket series."
  • diary of a wimpy kid in 4 answers "... with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other books. Diary of a Wimpy Kid ..."
  • harry potter series in 2 answers "Harry Potter Series, Princess Diaries Series, The Outsiders."