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Seeking Picture Book Recommendations: What's Your Favourite?

I loved reading the responses to date. All suggestions remind me of wonderful times. But my favorite times were reading Beatrix Potter books over and over ...

Starting Alphabet Recognition and Reading

Do read and keep reading books he likes and read for your self around him. He will get interested, promise!!! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Book Suggestions for 4 Year Old

I just started reading chapter books to my two sons at bedtime too. They love it and so do I! I have only read two so far and they were Huck Fin and Tom ...

4Th Grade Chapter Books?

My daughter is finishing 2nd grade this year but is reading at a 4.5 level. She is reading Magic Treehouse books but is bored with them. ...

What Is the Best Way to Teach Reading?

You start reading the book to her and point to each word as you read (read pretty slowly so she can keep up with your finger). When you get to the word I in ...

My 13 Month Old and Books

I will continue at with reading to her at night. She was so tired last night she let me read two books (Good night moon and Time for Bed). ...

Best Books for 5 Year Old

i love reading books to kids! they laugh so hard, iv found that a fav of thiers is one fish 2 fish red fish blue fish by dr seuss, but it needs to be read ...

Invitation to Join Book Club

I love to read but never have anyone to chat with about my books. I just finished the book your reading and it's great. Please let me know if there is any ...

Good Learn How to Read Books..

(Goal is not to overwhelm him and make him not enjoy reading. We adults enjoy reading books like Twilight and Harry Potter, etc that are middle school age ...

Good Books for 5 Year Olds

I remember asking a friend who was a reading specialist what they should read or if I should make them finish every book they started. ...
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