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11 Yo Son Has Hard Spot Under One Nipple

Oct 20, 2009 ... At any rate, he thinks its nothing to call the doctor about (especially since .... Sensitve and Lumps in My Breast After Stopping Nursing ...

Extended Breastfeeding

I am letting him wean himself, but at the rate we are going I feel like it will never ..... In the end we settled on he could hold my breast ("just touch, ...

Am I Pregnant?

Am I pregnant with the symptoms of enlarged breasts (my nipples did itch a .... However, home pregnancy tests have a fairly high rate of false-negatives. ...

Not Enough Fat in My Milk

Before we did things like this, babies grew at their own rate and in nearly all cases .... Supplementing My 10-Month Old Who Has Only Been Breast-fed ...

First-time Mammogram

Aug 28, 2009 ... do not translate into an increased survival rate for women screened with .... The smaller your breasts the harder it is to get a full picture of the ... I'm 42 now....my mother and her mother both are breast cancer ...

Help! My 6-Month-old Baby Lost Weight

I also have to nurse him in a very quiet room with the door locked because if he hears any sound or sees anybody, he'll just turn away from my breasts. ...

How Can I Tell If I Miscarried?

My breasts had been really, really sore for the last few weeks. .... which means you are at a higher rate of possible complications, and don't want to take ...

Breast Cancer

Growth rate fast or slow how long has this been in my body .... My mom and my aunt had breasts removed Mom added 15 years to her lifeMom died in 2002 after ...

Understanding symptoms...again

Also, my breasts have been incredibly sore since before I even took a .... like curves. low impact...got the heart rate up a little bit....and it was a ...

When Did You Start Showing?

My breasts are already bigger faster than with my first one. ... LOL At any rate , we are beautiful, pregnant Mommies, no matter what shape we are in. ...
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