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Odd Ongoing Rash on 6 Month Old's Face

To clear up the rash, I tried something instinctual. If the skin is dry, it needs some moisture. I tried putting just a dab of extra virgin olive oil on his ...

Rash on Baby's Face & Body

It doesn't sit on your skin like mineral oils do, and it's a natural anti-fungal . And if it doesn't help your little's rash, you can always cook with it! ...

Bumpy Diaper Rash Part 2

My daughter has sensistive skin and eczema and only time she got a rash or was irriated down there was when I diaper hopped. I found to just buy one brand ...

Whats the Best Diaper Rash Cream?

Jun 26, 2009 ... My son has a mild rash on his butt cheeks and i want it to heal ... Nothing on the butt, just clean skin to the air will clear it right up. ...

Pacifier Rash on the Chin... Suggestions?

The rash is because his skin is constantly wet (including chin, around the mouth and lips, even the cheeks if the drool spreads) - we went through this with ...

Seeking Advice on Infant's Rash

Nov 3, 2009 ... My son's skin was/is very sensitive. (He is now 35 years old.) We used only Safeguard soap; for a diaper rash, we used a prescription ...

Advice on Toddlers Face Rash

It even works on my dry skin. The rash went away within 2 days of putting it on ...... my daughter has excema and the best thing for the dry skin rashes is ...

How to handle itchy rash on a 5 years old? What causes it?

It could be something as simple as dry skin. My daughter developed this ugly looking yellowish raised pathcy rash on her butt cheeks last winter. ...

Face Rash on 4 Month Old.

I slathered him with A&D -- the same stuff we use for diaper rash -- and I mean a LOT, so his skin was shiny, and it helped immensely. ...

Diaper Rash

It is used for dry, cracked, or irritated skin, and often used for diaper rash. I started using it after my son had a really weird rash after using a new ...
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  • extra virgin olive oil in 2 answers "First, I'd probably try a little extra virgin olive oil and see if that gives him ..."
  • used the lanisoh breast cream in 2 answers "I have used the Lanisoh breast cream on my son and it has worked wonders."
  • virgin coconut oil in 2 answers "I use pure virgin coconut oil on her skin, face included."
  • dry skin on his cheeks in 2 answers "... for sure but my 1 year old started to develop redness and dry skin on his cheeks ..."
  • seventh generation diapers in 2 answers "E., I used Seventh Generation diapers until I switched to cloth and I loved them."