rash under the breast

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Diaper Rash Due to New Pregnancy?

Jul 25, 2009 ... I had a pediatrician ( a relative) take a look at it, and she said she has never heard of a rash due to hormones in breast milk and she ...

Seeking Advice on Newborn Skin Rash on Face and Neck

My daughter is 8weeks old now and started with a rash on her face at about ... assume you are breast feeding her Ask you doctor and the pediatrician if she ...

How to deal with painful stretch marks during pregnancy?

I have used this product and it cleared diaper rash within 24 hours. I also use it under my breast when I develop yeast and become a little raw and it works ...

Itchy Diaper Rash

Once you get the rash under control...look into elimination ..... in some breast pads I used at one time, and I broke out in a terrible itchy rash that was ...

Can Formula Cause Diaper Rash for a Breastfed Baby?

The breast milk made his BM to be so watery and it made the worst little rash on his bottom that it actually bled a little. We switched to formula at that ...

Is 2 Months Too Young?

Dry the area of drool, put a few dabs of breast milk on there, let the area dry again, do this for a few days and the .... Rash Under Chin from Drooling ...

3 Month Old Has Rash

Read all 6 responses: "My baby has a rash pretty much all over her body, ... may have....if you are breast feeding it could actually be something you are ...

Pacifier Rash

Read all 47 responses: "My 2 YO daughter has developed a rash around her mouth ... You can get it in the baby isle at most stores, where the breast pumps, ... my boys rash from eczema and it clears right up and keeps it under control. ...

Skin Rash on Cheeks

The rash may be a symptom of something else or just a product of birth and hormones. Also if you are breast feeding your hormones will affect the baby and ...

Endometrial Ablation - Allergic Reaction

Saturday morning I woke up with a rash on my belly and breasts that was bright ... used and the pads they put under me made me break out in the same rash. ...
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