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Not Sure What Kind of Rash...

Yesterday, when my husband was changing the baby, he noticed a rash on the front , around his legs, and on his little butt. Then, upon further investigation, ...

Anyone's Kids Have Rash from Huggies?

My 14 month old has always worn Huggies but lately he often develops a rash around his thigh area on both legs - right where the diaper's edge is. ...

Diaper Rash

He has NEVER had a rash of any kind until now. ... or she will get exezema(not sure the spelling)to the point she will be cover all over her arms and legs. ...

11 Mo Old Son Has Bumpy Rash

My baby had a rash that came on after having a cold for one day when he was 5 months old. The rash looked like an abrasion on his torso and legs mostly. ...

4.5 Month Old Has Bumpy Rash- Dr Doesn't Know What's Wrong...

Could this be heat rash?? (even though the Dr. said no to that one)....exzema? please help ..... rash on legs · heat rash on babies · babies skin conditions ...

Red Spot Rash

My 5 week old has a red spot rash on her face/head, arms, legs and sides. It is not baby acne because she has that too. It doesn't seem to bother her, ...

17 Mo Old with a Speckly Rash Around Mouth

My nephew has a rash around his mouth and he also gets it on the back of his legs. He is allergic to egg whites, but he also has ectzema. ...

Anybody Ever Used Vusion Cream Before for Their Childs Diaper Rash?

Now it seems to be traveling down the back of his little legs as well. ... Vusion is amazing for yeast infection rashes - which it sounds like your son has . ...

What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

You might want to try Vitamin E oil...my son had a horrible rash on his legs and it went away within days when I used vitamin E oil. ...

Spotty Red Rash All over My 2 Year Old

Generally there are a couple of days of fever, followed by a rash. It starts on the torso, and moves outward onto the arms, legs and face. ...
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  • too tight around his thighs in 2 answers "The diaper may be too tight around his thighs, especially if this has just started ..."
  • low grade fever a few days in 2 answers "They usually run a very low grade fever a few days before the rash shows up and then ..."
  • free of dyes and perfumes in 2 answers "... allergy testing is GREAT), and we do use a detergent free of dyes and perfumes ..."
  • sounds like hand foot in 2 answers "It really sounds like hand foot mouth, and I just spoke with my pediatrican yesturday ..."
  • used cetaphil soap in 2 answers "... on since she was a baby (much worse when she was a baby). We used cetaphil soap ..."