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Math Rap

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

Has anyone heard of this or tried it ? My grandson is in first grade & is having trouble with math. His teacher sugested getting the cd of rap music on adding & subtr...


Rest in Peace Heavy D! Do You Allow Your Teens to Listen to Rap Music?

N.N. asks from Detroit

Giving a shout out to an old school rapper Heavy D who had the wisdom to rap and keep it clean all through out his career and I appreciate that from him. I love mu...


Music and Your Children

D.D. asks from Chicago

What kind of music do you let your children listen to? I let my kids listen to whatever they want. Whatever they like. I grew up on pop (and rap...some hardcore ra...


Too Much Music?

M.W. asks from Salt Lake City

My 12-year-old girl is absolutely into music (bands like My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Shiny Red Guns, etc). Sometimes it seems like she can't live without the mu...


Popular Music and Kids

M.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Do you ever feel concerned about the lyrics on the radio/top 40 and the impact on your kids? I know I risk sounding like a fuddy duddy asking this question. My two g...


Issues with the Music My Daughter Listens To

A.K. asks from Seattle

I have a fourteen year old daughter who's very into the hard rock/metal scene. She's a pretty good kid but I'm not sure about the music she's been listening to lately...


Parental Advisory on Music

R.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommies, I have a 11 year old going on 12 ... and he loves the 80's music! However, he keeps running across these bands that I've never heard of. Does anyone ...


If Women Are Objectified in Music Videos, Why Would Women Participate in Them?

E.J. asks from New York

Some people claim women are degraded and objectified in music videos. So why do these women actresses participate in them? Aren't they oppressing themselves like a Je...


Need Great Songs for My MP3 to Workout To!!!

S.S. asks from Indianapolis

I am getting ready to start an intense workout program and really want to have a great hour of motivating upbeat music to listen to. I am so out of tune with music t...


MTV For Toddlers?

C.G. asks from Dallas

The ages of my children pretty much run the gamut. I have four girls ages 16, 10, 9 and 20 months. I also have a step-son that is 13. My toddler has been walking sinc...

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