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Preschool Questions

E.W. asks from New York

Hi Moms. So my little boy is going to be 3 in September and I want to start him in Preschool. I want to make sure he is in a good school, but I am not sure exactly wh...


What Questions Should We Ask?

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

My boyfriend and I are going to look at a house this Saturday. Yes, my boyfriend. Please no more lectures on this. As I have stated before we are planning on having a...


Questions About Flying

E.H. asks from Kokomo

The last time I flew I was a teenager and it is my boyfriend and daughters first time so with all the new security measures and flying with a 4 year old I have a few ...


Questions About Termites

M.G. asks from Dallas

I need your help! My husband and I made an offer on a house. On the disclosure form, it states the house had termites last year. We do not know about the severity ...


2 Questions

S.G. asks from Yakima

Hi! I have a couple of questions. First, how long can breast milk sit out after being thawed if my baby doesn't drink it all? Okay now, second :) At what age should I...


Random Questions That I Have

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

1. How many puffs does your baby eat at one time? The serving size says 75 but that seems like a lot! 2. How often are we suposed to switch out baby books? I kno...


Two Questions

L.L. asks from Bismarck

Hi! Okay so I have a couple of questions. My first one pertains to my household maintainence. My husband has stated that b/c he does the snow blowing and snow shov...


Hand/Foot/Mouth Questions

A.B. asks from Greensboro

Hi, my son has recently been diagnosed with the coxsackieviru (Hand/Foot/Mouth). I FREAKED! I didn't know of it other than the animal version, Hoof/Mouth, which my mi...


Questions for All the Teachers Out There...

K.. asks from Phoenix

First off, I just want to thank you for all you do. You are truly special people :-) I am new to having a child in school, and I want to be a "good" & active sc...


Questions About Breastfeeding

B. asks from Lexington

I have some questions about breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter, but it was an awful experience. This time around seems to be going a little better, but I need some a...

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  • had hand foot mouth disease in 2 answers "My daughter had Hand/Foot/Mouth disease, and I never washed or threw away anything."
  • let him cry himself to sleep in 2 answers "Mine is almost 7mos and I'm still not ready to let him cry himself to sleep."
  • real estate agent in 2 answers "It's not the real estate agent that you need to talk to - it's the home inspector ..."
  • sex begins in the kitchen in 2 answers "By the way, Sex begins in the kitchen actually when the man pitches in!"
  • get the hind milk in 3 answers "... 10 -25 minutes on one breast should be more than sufficent to get the hind milk ..."