putting breast milk on baby acne

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Baby Rash

try expressing some breast milk and putting it on a spot a few times a day for a ... My four month old son has all kind of skin problems (baby acne, excema, ...

Need Help with Baby Eczema- Does Hypoallegenic Formula Help?

Oct 19, 2009 ... baby formula for him Since I started working my breastmilk ..... of health problems allegedly acne premature aging of skin and other ...

Dry Facial Skin of 4 Month Old Baby

However, do not put anything on her face if it is baby acne. ..... But try rubbing banana peel over dry skin, or breast milk- both edible and both work ...

Acne at 26!!

I have found that putting Tea Tree Oil on the pimples as soon as I feel one coming on ... Also, I know breastmilk works on baby acne. Its a little weird, ...

Ambivalent About Breastfeeding

Lastly let me say that those who believe that breastmilk provides all the .... your milk production there are some remedies that are quite simple Putting ...

Drool Rash

When my son was about 8 weeks old he got a serious case of baby acne, all over his face, .... Breast milk is like a miracle drug, use it for everything. ...

Need Help with Colic

Plus it got rid of the kiss bumps (baby acne) in 1 day. Try this at night around 8 or what ... Pump in the meantime so your breastmilk does not dry up. ...

Infant Seborrheic Eczema

I didn't think it looked like baby acne and its not just on her face its also ... They resolved the problem by putting a small amount of breast milk on the ...

What to Do with a Very Dry Skin Two Months Old?

At his age ONLY breast milk and formula are recommended so he doesn't get ... Dry, peeling skin (seborrhea) can be connected to baby acne or cradle cap. ...

6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

I didn't get a chance to read many responses.....just wanted to say that 1st--- your baby will not catch anything from your breast milk & quite the ...
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