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Potty Puppy Training, Help!!

Start a routine of taking the dog outside with a treat. As soon as he goes, give him the treat. I used puppy pads, mainly by the exit door we used most of ...

Seeking Suggestions on Housebreaking Beagle Puppy

I've always taken my dog outside. I only put a pad down for night time or when we left the house and kept the puppy in one room like the kitchen. ...

Puppy in Heat??

It is a lot of stress and work but if you don't want puppies and if she is still a puppy (most dogs skeletal systems aren't really mature till they are 2 or ...

The Puppy That Hates Grooming

Read all 4 responses: "I have a new puppy who happens to have long fur and could be beautiful, ... My other dogs love being brushed so I'm at a loss. ...

Puppy Is Chewing Electrical Cords

It is also important to keep the dog out of certain areas when they are puppies. I agree with the raw-hides they are great for puppies. ...

Where to Find a Puppy for Christmas?

Check with the local humane society They get dogs and puppies in all the time theyll also know the dog's health status and personality They may take your ...

Orphan Puppies Need Name

They have another dog who was shot through the back thigh area, but he lived. A police report has been filed. Unfortunatly, she had five puppies, ...

How to deliver puppies at home?

I've learned that the smaller the dog, the more difficult it is for them to whelp puppies without assistance. You will also want feedback from your vet as ...

Puppy and Daughter Help!!

Aug 26, 2009 ... Our dog had puppies a few months ago and along with the instructions and vaccination schedule when we sold them came info on this book. It is the best dog ...

Dog Allergy or Just Irritation?...and Know Anything About Border Terriers?

Sep 17, 2009 ... I have always been a dog lover/owner in particular Terriers. ... As for the the reation your daughter has to puppy kisses I am not to sure. ...
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