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Reasonable Veterinarian for Dog Around La Habra Area??

Oct 19, 2009 ... I'm not sure if shelters do it if you didn't get a dog there, but I adopted 1 puppy from San Gabriel Animal Shelter and they spayed that dog ...

New Puppy - Help!

Let her know that she's in charge, not the dog and empower her to be the boss. If he's a normal puppy, he's being a little rowdy and she doesn't like it. ...

4 Yr Old Wants a Puppy

My 4 yr old girl has been asking for a puppy for a couple of years now, and I am finally starting to seriously think about getting her one. I want a dog ...

**Need Help on Getting Glue Out of Dog's Hair!!**

My 4 year old son and his friend decided to put eyelash glue on our puppy's yesterday. The dogs are fine, there are just some spots on their backs....but I ...

Puppy in Heat??

It is a lot of stress and work but if you don't want puppies and if she is still a puppy (most dogs skeletal systems aren't really mature till they are 2 or ...

Help with Puppy

Read all 9 responses: "We have a one year old pug puppy who is seriously ... I' ve had so many dogs throughout the years and the cage is something that saved ...

Dog Allergy or Just Irritation?...and Know Anything About Border Terriers?

Sep 17, 2009 ... I have always been a dog lover/owner in particular Terriers. ... As for the the reation your daughter has to puppy kisses I am not to sure. ...

Help with Puppy & 4 Year Old

www.4pawsu.com has a sheet/page for rules for children and dogs. I just finished their puppy kindergarten class and they have an excellent staff. ...

My Dog Bit My Son

Well D., as sad as it may be, you may need to find a new home for the puppy. Older dogs do tend to get along better with babies as they know better. ...

Puppy Potty training...help

Any advice on how to stop her from wetting? And....should a one year old puppy still be having accidents? This is our first dog, so I am new to this. ...
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  • sounds to me like shes in heat in 2 answers "It sounds to me like she's in heat--and it's not unheard-of for it happen that young."
  • sounds like your puppy in 2 answers "L., It sounds like your puppy doesn't know who the boss is."
  • spay your dog in 2 answers "not only is it important to spay your dog to avoid having to deal with diapers and ..."
  • sounds like she is in heat in 4 answers "I do not know a lot either but that sounds like she is in heat."
  • went into heat in 3 answers "I have a Papillon and when she first went into heat she had the exact same signs as ..."