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Breast Pumps.

C.T. asks from Gainesville

Just wondering what you wonderful women/mothers like(d) and use(d) . Manual vs. automatic. I am a stay at home mom. and plan of strctly breast feeding. I also know th...


Breast Pumps

S.J. asks from Cleveland

Hi,I want to get a breast pump and not really sure which one to get.I know that I want to get a Medela because I had used it in the hospital for my last child and it ...


Breast Pumps

C.O. asks from New Orleans

I am a mother of a darling 2 year old boy, and am trying to conceive again. My heart is in providing breast milk until my children are at least one year old. The pr...


Breast Pumps

P.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I have been breast feeding my 5 week old son. He seems contended after every feeding. He feeds every 2.5 hours with 3-4 hours gaps at night. On an average he f...


Best Breat Pumps and Breast Pads

B.H. asks from Panama City

Good morning, Ladies! I am trying to do research on the best best pumps, both manual and electric. I've heard good reviews about the manual Lansolil but most revi...


Need Opinions on Breast Pumps. -- Playtex Embrace?

M.B. asks from Chicago

I have a Medela Pump In Style now. I hate pumping but my son will not take formula and I will be working part time on weekends so I need to. I think the thing I d...


Touch Less Soap pumps...do You Own One and Does It Really Work?

T.B. asks from Miami

Hi! My three kiddos waste a ton of soap. I swear, they pump and pump and pump the soap out and then the sink is filled with bubbles that last for hours. I'm tired ...


Seeking Recommendations and Warnings for Dual Electric Breast Pumps

V.E. asks from Albany

I will be breastfeeding my second child after he is born in late July/early August. I breastfed my first son about four years ago, and used a simple hand operated bre...


Best Breast Pumps

J.F. asks from Dayton

I am a frist time mom. We are expecting our son around thanksgiving day! I really want to breast feed until I go back to work and then will continune with that and pu...


Where Can I Get Good Pumps?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I work in a professional environment and I wear heels daily. I am SO frustrated lately with the poor quality of shoes I keep getting. I will order a pair of nine we...

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